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Not only do we offer massive savings of £1000’s compared to the competition, you can save even more with our seasonal sales. While the savings are impressive in reality they are much more impressive. By comparison against standard electric bikes with small 250w motors being powered by 36V 10ah batteries. Our bikes come with 1000w motors and 48V 16ah batteries offering unbeatable value for money!

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Type ezEbike Typical Price Savings
Mountain £1,499.00 £2,999.00 £1,500.00
City £1,499.00 £3,499.00 £2,000.00
Vintage £1,599.00 £4,000.00 £2,401.00
Folding £1,599.00 £3,499.00 £1,900.00
Mobility £1,699.00 £3,499.00 £1,800.00

We make our own E-bikes!

That’s right, we manufacture our own ezEbike’s right here in the UK and then we sell them direct to our customers. By cutting our the middle men we can offer you significant savings. We are proud to  be providing a quality British product, helping support the economy.

Because our electric bikes are made in the UK, we offer UK support and repairs. This gives you the ultimate piece of mind!

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power the future!

Whilst all of our electric bikes are limited to 250w (15.5mph) for road use. They do have 1000w brush-less hub motors and 48V batteries. They can be used off-road using the 1000w mode allowing you to reach 28mph. As the UK and EU are planning on increasing the speed limit to 28mph for E-bikes, you can be sure that your ezEbike is ready to ride into the future.

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unrivaled security

At ezEbike we like to ensure that all of our electric bikes come with a GPS Tracker to locate your bike in case it is stolen. You can also purchase radio RFID tags for you bike and register them as your property online. We also recommend you purchase insurance for your bike if you are planning on regularly locking your bike up outside.

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Unbeatable value & fully loaded!

Not only do we manufacture our own E-bikes to provide you with unbeatable value. We also provide you with 1000w motors and 48v batteries with over 4 times the power of your equivalently priced 250w electric bikes.

We also like include a free set of rear and front lights for your bike.

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Battery replacement & Upgrade!

To ensure that are bikes are future proof, we sell replacement batteries for your bike. We now also have a new battery upgrade service where you can purchase a larger capacity battery and improve the range of your electric bike if required.

30 DAY Money back guarantee & 2 year warranty!

That’s right, we offer a 30 day money back guarantee to offer you complete piece of mind.

This coupled with our new 2 year manufacturers warranty, we can assure you a reliable and comfortable ride. 

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5 Star Reviews, Not just shameless self-promotion!

People can’t get enough of our electric bikes. Simply check out our 100% positive reviews on eBay! If you are looking for something that looks great, is powerful, good value and reliable! We do small production runs so if you are looking for something truly unique then ezEbike is the brand for you!

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Coming soon – book a test drive!

When we open our new shop we have a unique range of electric bikes to test ride. Our team will help you to refine your options, before test riding your favourites. We are confident we can help find the right ezEbike for you.

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Our blog is where you can keep up to date with all of ezEbike’s products, competitions & events.

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