With our bikes being restricted to 250w for road use you are sure to get great range on your bikes 48v batteries. As the 1000w motor is using only 1/4 of it’s power you can be assured or a reliable motor that out lasts the competition.

2 Year warranty – Standard

To ensure that all of our customers have added piece of mind we have increased our standard warranty to 2 years. If maintained properly motors can last decades and the battery up to 9 years on a reduced charge. Our batteries are lithium Ion and last 500+ charge cycles on full charge. Typically 2-3 years use without any reduction.

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Made in the UK!

We are proud to support the British economy by making all of our electric bikes in the UK. This provides added piece of mind by including a UK warranty and UK repairs in the unlikely event that anything goes wrong.

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Vintage retro & affordable!

Vintage electric bikes usually cost anywhere up to £7000 for a measly 250w motor. We offer beautiful styling matched with modern 1000w power at an affordable price ranging from, £1000 – £2000. Literally save £1000’s!

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