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All of our electric bikes come 95% assembled. All you have to do is bolt on the front wheel and handlebars. If you have lost your assembly instructions then please download a copy by clicking the button below.

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Bike Frame size guide

Please find our useful guide to help you select the correct frame size for your bike.

However keep in mind that with the electric motor helping, you can ride a smaller bike than usual with out much compromise.

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Inside leg

Road bike size

Mountain bike size

152cm / 5′.0″

71cm / 28″

48cm (XX Small)

15″ (X Small)

160cm / 5′.3″

75cm / 29.5″

51cm (Small)

16″ (Small)

170cm / 5′.7″

79cm / 31″

54cm (Medium)

17″ (Medium)

175cm / 5′.9″

83cm / 32.5″

56cm (Large)

18″ (Medium)

180cm / 5′.11″

85cm / 33.5″

57cm (X Large)

19″ (Large)

188cm / 6′.2″

89cm / 35″

60cm (XX Large)

20″ (Large)

196cm / 6′.5″

93cm / 36.5″

63cm (XXX Large)

21″ (X Large)

Owners manual

In order to be as green as possible and save on printing, we have decided to go electronic with our owners manual. Not only is it green, it also has the added benefit of that you will never loose your owners manual. Please click the button below to download the ezEbike owners manual.

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Wet Weather Guide!

In Practice – Most eBikers report that their bikes are quite resilient and can withstand riding through heavy rain, mud, puddles and streams without issue.

General advice for using your electric bike in wet conditions: Cover the more vulnerable areas such as the battery cable connections (red & black wires) with insulation tape, marine grease or silicone sealant for extra protection. The battery and charger socket, power controller and LCD meter can be covered with a plastic bag when you know your bike will be exposed to heavy rain so as to avoid water damage.

In addition:

  • Avoid leaving your bike outside in the rain without a good cover.

  • After your bike gets wet use a towel or soft cloth to dry it.

  • Disconnect any components where water may be trapped and leave them in a dry, warm environment away from damp and moisture for at least 24 hrs.

  • If you suspect water may have entered your power controller or LCD, dry the outside of the device and then put the component in a bag of dried rice (or another desiccant). This will wick away any leftover moisture.

  • If you know you are going to be cycling in very wet conditions put a plastic bag over the more delicate electrical components of your bike (controller, display etc).

  • Don’t ever use a pressure washer to clean the electrical components of your eBike.

  • Use marine grease or silicone sealant to seal exposed connectors etc.

  • After each wet or muddy ride remove the battery and dry the battery case and the electrical contact points.

  • Don’t allow your bike to become submerged in water.

  • Repair or replace cracked covers, connectors and screens.

  • If you are going to carry your bike on a car in the rain ensure you cover delicate components.

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