The Who MRk1
72v 40ah LG Battery
50mph Top Speed
55 Mile Range
2 Year Battery Warranty
CBT Legal
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Pompadoure MRk1
80v 52ah CATL Battery
55mph Top Speed
90+ Mile Range
8 Year Battery Warranty
CBT Legal
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T-1000 MRK1
80v 150ah CATL Battery
75mph Top Speed
250 Mile Range
8 Year Battery Warranty
Full Motorbike License
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UK Warranty & Repairs!

The most important thing about buying any type of long term electric transportations is a good after sales service. We have almost a decade of experience dealing with electric transport and are experts in diagnosing and repairing any issues. We offer up to an amazing 8 year battery warranty and stock spare parts so we can keep you on the road. As we are a UK company we also offer UK customer service team by phone or email.

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The who – Mrk 1

Names after one of the most famous bands of the Mod era the amazing, The Who! Our scooter has all the power and range you need for your daily commute around town.

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The Pompadour – MRK1

Named after the famous pompadour rocker hairstyle. This futturistic take on a taditional motobike with a traditional ridign postition. This beauty has a 5000w motor and 8 year battery warrant for added piece of mind.

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T-1000 – MRK1

This beast is named in homage to the best terminator ever, of course the T-1000 from terminator 2. A modern electric take on a large cruiser bike with a large windsheild for style and aero dynamics. With a powerful 9000w motor capible of 75mph and a massive 250 miles range you should have plenty of range to catch John Conor! Included is an 8 year battery warranty allowing your to cruise for years worry free.

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Classic Motorbike electric conversion!

We periodically have classic motorbikes we convert to electric and sale as one off specials. Please check our classic bike section of our shop to by clicing the llink below to see our current stock. 

Alternatively if you are interested in us converting your classic bike to electric then please check our our conversion service below.

CLassic bikes Classic Conversion


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