350w Motor
36v 10.4ah Battery
15 MPH Top Speed
20 Mile Range
No Suspension
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500w Motor
48v 16ah Battery
20 MPH Top Speed
35 Mile Range
Heavy Dual Suspension
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500w Motor
48v 13ah Battery
25 MPH Top Speed
30 Mile Range
Dual Suspension
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ELectric Kick Scooters

The battery technology advances in recent years gave way to the popular craze of “hoverboards” and other similar small electric scooters and light vehicles that have electric motors attached.

As far as UK law goes, these are not currently legal for use on UK highways and roads. 

However, the government are currently reviewing legislation, fast tracking plans to trial them in cities. Originally planned for 2021, the trial has been brought forward to June 2020. For now, they are focusing on hire-schemes rather than ownership, but we hope this changes in the coming months. 

IThere are a large amount of quite serious and high quality electric scooters available that are popular in European cities as alternatives to bikes or mopeds. In France, for example, these low-speed mobility devices can be used in cycle lanes.

Often these light vehicles are able to quickly get to speeds of 15mph or more which has raised concerns over safety. For now at least, they are only legal to be used for recreational use on private land and parks but we’re seeing an increasing amount used for commuting.

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100% Positive feedback!

Deffinitely not an easy task, but after almost 2 years trading on eBay we still have 100% POSITIVE FEEDBACK! This is testiment not only to the quality of the products we sell, but also the quality of the after sales service!

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Amazing range & QUALITY!

No mattery what type of electric scooter you are looking for we have a great range to cover you no matter what your needs are sourced from quality manufacturers. For more information on each product please check out the full product description from the product listing in our online shop.

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UK warranty & Repairs!

All our scooters come with a 1 year warranty as standard but are upgradable to 3 years for added piece of mind. We stock replacment parts int he UK to offer UK repairs and customer service to ensure a quick repair and the longevity of your scooter. 

quality & British!

Help support the British economy by supporting our small but growing business. Try giving us a call or email and talk to our UK customer service & sales team if you need some more information. All our products have a UK Warranty & UK Repairs.

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